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Why P.B.S. Monitoring ? In today's world alarm systems are taken as an everyday part of our lives. With sirens going off day and night, with people setting their alarms of by accident 24/7 car alarms and house alarms. However, they all sound the same. If an alarm goes off, in our experience, your neighbours will normally wait for several minutes to see if you are going to switch it off. However, if after a time your alarm is still sounding most people would sooner complain about the noise than go and see why your alarm is going off. If your alarm is connected to our alarm receiving centre the second your alarm is activated whether it be fire, medical, panic or intruder a member of our trained staff will be instantly alerted to the situation in your home. After establishing the nature of the call we act accordingly.Ensuring you get the help you need when it is needed. With P.B.S.Monitoring you get a 

professional 24/7 emergency alarm response.


Why do we need alarm monitoring ?

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With thousands of customers currently being monitored. This makes PBS one of the largest independant monitoring services in the UK


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P.B.S. providing Alarm monitoring throughout the UK 24/7

Many of our customers are SSAIB approved installers.

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