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What makes us different !

Setting new standards in quality customer care.



24/7 Call handling

We answer your call's in your company name. Giving your office a 24/7 presence


P.B.S Monitoring P.O. Box 171 Chester le street county Durham DH2 1WX  0844 500 80 80

P.B.S. providing Alarm monitoring throughout the UK 24/7

Many of our customers are SSAIB approved installers.

Tel. 0844 500 80 80

For all of your 24/7 alarm receiving / call handling needs contact us on


Why P.B.S.Monitoring ? P.B.S. gives you a professional service throughout. Our staff have over 25 years experience in the installations of alarm systems and 18 years in the monitoring industry. If you have a problem our technical support team are there to help. Over the past 5 years P.B.S. has developed there own online alarm management system. Given you real time information never before available outside of the alarm receiving centre. When you log onto our secure members area, we give you access to all of your customer records.

What can I expect from the Online Alarm Management system ?

You can see the full information we hold for your customers. Every alarm activation log from the day they where first installed.

The action that was taken and any notes that where added. (Police crime number etc.)

You can alter the information we hold for your customer (Name address, contact information) 

If you are a SSAIB registered installer, you will already know the importance of logging all fault reports( date, time of the call etc.) We provide our customers with there own fault and repair data base. All of this information is available to you 24 hours a day from any web browser.  Your Service engineers can even access this from a mobile phone. Some of the information available in our secure members area includes; Your monitoring customer records / activations / faults and there repairs and any additional notes. All this and more available 24/7.

Full training can be given to all company staff !